Friday, 20 January 2012

Dealing with ***** on MW3

The following guide was created by JT24418


Most of you guys have played MW3, and you know what its all about. Either 10 year old's kids shouting about how you are cheating down the chat or 30 year old's that look like Pedobear and think they are gods gift to COD. These are the kind of guys that whip out their FMG's as soon as you kill them through a wall with a LMG when you have a UAV up ( or if you kill them with an AA-12 with no attachments or proficiencies because apparently that is noob?).

To troll or not to troll?

What do you do then? will you leave and give in to these pathetic excuse for gamers? will you stay and let your KDR drop because they have the instant kill button (or akimbo sniper rifles)? Or will you stay and make them mad cos they are bad?

EPIC 1 liner

You guys know I am complete 100% troll and 100% immune to trolling so you can guess what I do.

Episode V : The Nunu strikes back (<= LoL reference never mind if you did not get it)

The comeback

What you would normally do is just respond to his constant whining with a short reply over and over every time he talks normally the classic "umad" or the new "yrd" which I invented, feel free to create your own.. ;)

The kit

And then you swap to your "Dealing with ***** kit" This kit usually has a primary, it does not matter which one, something overpowered is recommended. And your secondary should be the FMG 9 akimbo, i know it is not the best akimbo in the game but it is the most hated. I normally use Scavenger, hardline and steady aim. I know the sleight of hand will be better but I like scavenger (its a bird). I have specialist on with sleight of hand, dead silence and extreme conditioning.

What will happen.

Using this kit you should win near enough every 1 VS 1 gunfight and your KDR will rise, and the trolls KDR will fall. This will make him even more angry and he will either leave (if he is smart, so he probably will not leave =/.) or he will stay and spam the chat some more about how you are a noob (easy kills, these fail wannabe trolls take forever to type). Just don't forget to use your classy short reply every time he talks (and a bit more if you feel like it).

The best bit

If you follow this guide you will probably end up with a good KDR, a victory, and a nice clean lobby because the troll will rage quit because he got beat at his own game.

My sections have **** names

I will upload the video of my trolling in action sometime soon

The other way (only works weekends)

Get alpha/scouse ruffian in he will sort them out, permanently.

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