Tuesday, 31 January 2012

At Band of Scrubs we're not just all about the FPS games, there are members that play other genres. So here is the first of hopefully many videos created from League of Legends. This clip is brought to you from KonArti$t and it's a Shaco triple kill...............with a twist.

When this first happened we all like nice triple kill, it wasn't until I uploaded it to LoL Replay that we saw the full extent of how troll this triple kill was. We were all like omgwtfbbq there is no way you got away killing them with that amount of HP, but yet as you can see KonArti$t is living up to his namesake.

Band of Scrubs brings to you two more videos for your viewing pleasure.

First up is AlphaS1x aka Scouse Ruffian with his first MW3 montage, now it was a bit of rush job done in one night but you could never tell.

And now JT24418 is back with his sequel to his Best Montage EU video, but this time it's in HD so you can fully enjoy the scrub mentality :)

We at Band of Scrubs hope you enjoyed watching these videos, and watch this space as there is plenty more to come :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Here are two videos from KonArti$t showcasing that you don't need to be pro to play MW3.

First video is just a collection of random footage put together to test his editing software:

The second and more recent video is again designed for testing software, but was created after a sleepless night on a sniper only dedi server.

KonArti$t declares himself as a noob on MW3, with noobish shooting abilities but yet has tons fun whilst playing. His videos aren't designed to be the greatest you'll ever see, they are created to give comfort to fellow noobs around the world and to tell them that even we noobs can create MW3 montages.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dealing with ***** on MW3

The following guide was created by JT24418


Most of you guys have played MW3, and you know what its all about. Either 10 year old's kids shouting about how you are cheating down the chat or 30 year old's that look like Pedobear and think they are gods gift to COD. These are the kind of guys that whip out their FMG's as soon as you kill them through a wall with a LMG when you have a UAV up ( or if you kill them with an AA-12 with no attachments or proficiencies because apparently that is noob?).

To troll or not to troll?

What do you do then? will you leave and give in to these pathetic excuse for gamers? will you stay and let your KDR drop because they have the instant kill button (or akimbo sniper rifles)? Or will you stay and make them mad cos they are bad?

EPIC 1 liner

You guys know I am complete 100% troll and 100% immune to trolling so you can guess what I do.

Episode V : The Nunu strikes back (<= LoL reference never mind if you did not get it)

The comeback

What you would normally do is just respond to his constant whining with a short reply over and over every time he talks normally the classic "umad" or the new "yrd" which I invented, feel free to create your own.. ;)

The kit

And then you swap to your "Dealing with ***** kit" This kit usually has a primary, it does not matter which one, something overpowered is recommended. And your secondary should be the FMG 9 akimbo, i know it is not the best akimbo in the game but it is the most hated. I normally use Scavenger, hardline and steady aim. I know the sleight of hand will be better but I like scavenger (its a bird). I have specialist on with sleight of hand, dead silence and extreme conditioning.

What will happen.

Using this kit you should win near enough every 1 VS 1 gunfight and your KDR will rise, and the trolls KDR will fall. This will make him even more angry and he will either leave (if he is smart, so he probably will not leave =/.) or he will stay and spam the chat some more about how you are a noob (easy kills, these fail wannabe trolls take forever to type). Just don't forget to use your classy short reply every time he talks (and a bit more if you feel like it).

The best bit

If you follow this guide you will probably end up with a good KDR, a victory, and a nice clean lobby because the troll will rage quit because he got beat at his own game.

My sections have **** names

I will upload the video of my trolling in action sometime soon

The other way (only works weekends)

Get alpha/scouse ruffian in he will sort them out, permanently.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How to play mid lane on League of Legends.

This is not a champion guide per say but it is a guide to playing mid written by myself. May be due to edits with new champions and stuff so if I think it warrants it I will edit it and watch this space. Otherwise enjoy.

A guide to playing mid lane. By AlphaS1x
1. What is mid lane?
2. What is your objective in mid?
2 i. For assassins/ mages.
2 ii Phys damage carries.
2 iii Last hitting.
3. The concept of Zoning.
3 i. What zoning means for harrasment.
3ii. What sort of harrassment should be considered in mid.
3 iii. How creeps affect affect zones and how this then effects harassment.
3 iv. Zoning mentality.
4 Responsiblities of mid lane.
5 What champs counter what in mid and solid picks for mid.
6 Map awareness
6i. When you should buy wards in mid
7 Ganking in mid.
7i. When you should set ganks up and how you should do so.
8. Items
9. Comebacks.
10. Glossary.

1. What is mid lane?
It provides some of the biggest amount of farm and champion kills out of the lanes and as a result is quite important to play mid solidly enough to capitalize on and take advantage of as the game progress to mid late. In this guide I aim to give some general ideas and outline some concepts that maybe familiar or not so either way, I aim to provide a greater understanding of the mechanics of mid specifically.
Please note before I progress with this article/guide. This will not make you better at your champion or suddenly become a God at mid lane. What this guide aims to do is to teach you the fundamentals of playing mid well, if you can understand these concepts and put what I write here into practice you should be well on your way to improving your mid ability. If I mention things later on in the guide that you dont know the meaning of I will leave a glossary in the bottom. Then if I have not mentioned it in the glossary ask me about it and I will clarify. Now onto the more interesting things.

2. What is your Objective in mid lane?
Generally speaking your objective in mid varies dependent upon the type of champion you play whilst all the champions generally speaking want a good level of farm and some early game kills. Essentially the cusp of this is that you want to out gear your opponent and be able to turn the game for your team mates as you must remember in LoL your team is only as strong as its weakest link.

2i. For mages and assassins what is your role?
Generally speaking assassins do not farm well but make up for this in killing power. The one exception to this rule is vayne who farms astronomically well. But she falls under both umbrellas she needs the farm of a Phys damage carry but can face stomp like an assassin once she gets a bit of gold under her belt. For mages in the early game in mid they struggle to farm because their abilities are simply costing too much mana to be farming with. So as a result you must last hit well or try and gain an xp or LVL advantage upon your opponent whether that be via a kill on them or forcing them off the lane.
The comment about last hitting is true for carries and mages and assassins, however assassins are a little more forgiving at a lower level because they can sacrifice some farm for kills. A prime example for this would be Le Blanc, her farming is notoriously terrible, however her burst is nearly unrivalled early game. This allows you to possibly kill your opponent in the mid and you can sacrifice some farm for this. However if your familiar with LB you will know that actually her attack animation flies very quickly making last hitting fairly simple. Essentially speaking what I am saying is that as casters you are a bit more flexible in what you can do in the mid lane.
2ii. Phys damage carries what is your role?
Generally speaking phys damage carries like Ashe caitlyn tristana, corki etc need a fair amount of farm to become effective and they become able to "Carry" through the farm that they get. So playing mid lane with one of these champs is more difficult naturally than a mage because your damage is not early game you scale better as the game goes on and it’s important to remember this. Think of building a carry like building a house, if you dont have any foundations (farm) your house will just crumble like a stack of cards. For this reason I cannot stress enough how important last hits are as a phys carry. Whilst the Metagame at lower skill levels in EU servers are more geared towards killing than free farm you can’t ignore farming as a carry if you do thats what lands you 0 5 0 or 1/3/12 as a carry. Whilst you can harrass in mid as caitlyn or ashe quite well you can do so but do not neglect your farm as previously mentioned it will make or break your game most of the time.

2iii. Last hitting.
In the two previous parts to the guide I emphasize the importance of last hitting creeps. some of you may be thinking well what are you talking about. In short last hitting is just getting the last hit on a creep to get the gold. Some champs are better than it than others but that comes with the game. The art of good last hitting is getting a decent idea of how much damage your creeps will do the opposing creeps and how much damage your auto attacks are doing, and knowing how fast your auto attack will fly to the target. Knowing these 3 things allows last hitting to become a lot easier, you must take heed of these regardless of the champ you play mid with. Also do not be discouraged if you miss some minions when ironing out this technique. It will come with the territory although I would recommend you stick with one champion until you master the last hitting with it and then maybe move on if you don’t like how it harrasses or plays in mid lane which is what I leave up to you. Last hitting is just as important in the side lanes aswell as the mid lanes so do not think last hitting is just confined to mid.

Fun video collection

Now we a bring to 3 videos showing the lighter side of the Band of Scrubs, these three videos are showing the fun we all have.

First up is a fun MW3 montage created by JT24418, titled Best Montage EU, ever.

The second video again is from JT24418, but this time it's the first of hopefully many commmentary videos based on Fallout: New Vegas.

Third and by no means least is a video showcasing how troll The Scrub can be whilst playing MW3. The title of this video is "Why won't the flags go down?" Which says all that needs to be said.

Return of The Scrub

The follow up montage from The Scrub, can you spot the theme of the montage titles.

Pulse: A MW3 Montage

The lastest montage created by Lyma Roacc, song used is Music: Pulse - Noisestorm

There's a reason why Chabo rhyme's with pro

Now we have the first montage from the world of Battlefield 3, brought to you by Chabo. A shout out also goes to Kodabar who made the intro clips. Song used is VAST - touched.

MW3 Montage first week

This montage was created by Lyma Roacc during the first week of MW3's launch, song used is Delta Heavy - Hold Me

Montage by Mr.Satanic

Next up with his first montage comes from one of our younger members Mr.Satanic, the song used is Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle

Attack of the Scrub

We will be posting all of our projects on this blog for you all to enjoy. I shall begin by posting all the videos we already have as part of our Band of Scrubs cinema section.

First up is one of many montages created by The Scrub, the song that is used was created by a fellow a Scrub Phase.

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Band of Scrubs blog.

We're a group of friendly gamers that met through various games, but mainly MW2 in which we liked to have fun and go for crazy kill cams. We will now be bringing our scrub humor to MW3 plus many other games, and will post are shenanigans on here as well as post about general stuff we do. So if you enjoy playing games for the fun factor, or generally just wanna listen to bunch of sound people there here's the place to be.