Tuesday, 31 January 2012

At Band of Scrubs we're not just all about the FPS games, there are members that play other genres. So here is the first of hopefully many videos created from League of Legends. This clip is brought to you from KonArti$t and it's a Shaco triple kill...............with a twist.

When this first happened we all like nice triple kill, it wasn't until I uploaded it to LoL Replay that we saw the full extent of how troll this triple kill was. We were all like omgwtfbbq there is no way you got away killing them with that amount of HP, but yet as you can see KonArti$t is living up to his namesake.

Band of Scrubs brings to you two more videos for your viewing pleasure.

First up is AlphaS1x aka Scouse Ruffian with his first MW3 montage, now it was a bit of rush job done in one night but you could never tell.

And now JT24418 is back with his sequel to his Best Montage EU video, but this time it's in HD so you can fully enjoy the scrub mentality :)

We at Band of Scrubs hope you enjoyed watching these videos, and watch this space as there is plenty more to come :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Here are two videos from KonArti$t showcasing that you don't need to be pro to play MW3.

First video is just a collection of random footage put together to test his editing software:

The second and more recent video is again designed for testing software, but was created after a sleepless night on a sniper only dedi server.

KonArti$t declares himself as a noob on MW3, with noobish shooting abilities but yet has tons fun whilst playing. His videos aren't designed to be the greatest you'll ever see, they are created to give comfort to fellow noobs around the world and to tell them that even we noobs can create MW3 montages.